Wet Weather Policy – Alexander's Live


We love and we hate our wonderful British weather, don’t we? We look forward to summer which is usually experienced for four days in Spring and then have months on complaining about the warm rain… Only to realise we can’t wait for Christmas for it to snow, which it never does!

The weather is probably the most unpredictable thing we have, well that and our political system. Anyway, hate it or love it we are sure you can sympathise that arranging open air shows can often be preceded by hours of met office weather watching, planning for rain only to see the show go ahead on what turns into the hottest day of the year. Therefore, please read our wet weather policy before booking so you know exactly what’s likely to happen;

1. It is strongly recommended to plan for all weather types. Please pack your own waterproofs, umbrellas, sunscreen and even maybe a towel to sit on!

2. We very rarely cancel a performance before the time it is due to start. We often find it can be tipping down in the lead up to a performance and then entirely stop for the duration of the show. So, we will usually make the call at the time the performance is due to begin.

3. We will only cancel/stop a performance if the conditions become genuinely unsafe. If the performance area has begun to flood or if there is a lightning storm we will cancel/stop the performance.

4. We will carry on the performance in light to medium rain. In heavy/torrential rain downpours we will halt the show (hopefully allowing everyone to find shelter somewhere) before continuing when the downpour has stopped. If the heavy rain is persistent (which is surprisingly rare) then we may make the call to stop the show entirely.

5. If the show is cancelled before it begins or stopped before the interval then we will reschedule the show and transfer your tickets across automatically. If the date is not suitable then we will offer refunds. If the show is stopped after the interval we cannot offer refunds but are able to transfer tickets to another performance where available.