Please inform a member of staff before placing you order, even if you have ordered the item before. Ingredients can change and menus do not list all ingredients.

Full allergen information is available, on request for all food and drinks, detailing the 14 legally declarable allergens contained in our dishes and drinks.

While all reasonable steps will be taken to avoid the unintentional presence of allergens, we cannot guarantee that any products are 100% free from allergens, owing to possible cross-contamination.

Please also note that nuts are kept on site and although every effort is made to keep these separate, traces may be left on surfaces.

Pipers Crisps – £1

Anglesey Sea Salt / Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt / Cheddar & Onion / Longhorn Beef

Blooming Brownies – £3.50

Mint Aero / Rolo & Salted Caramel / Oreo / Terry’s Chocolate Orange / Kinder Bueno / Daim Bar / Kinder Hippo / Caramac

Kinderella Cookie Pie – £4.50

(Ask us to warm this up for you if you would like us to)

Peanut Butter Pretzels – £2

Salted Peanuts – £2

Chocolate Brownie (GF) – £3.50

Muffins – £3

Triple Chocolate / Salted Caramel / Skinny Blueberry

Dunking Bars – £2.50

Double Chocolate / Oat and Raisin

Egg Custard Tart – £2